My name is Veronica and I live in London.

I am a student at University of Westminster, studying English Language and Creative Writing.

I am in love with the art of the story…

I am passionate about storytelling in it’s various forms through written text, spoken word, motion pictures and other forms of artistic expression.

I love reading and my top Three Books are:

A Thousand Splendid Suns, A Fraction of the Whole, The Book Thief, Reading Lolita in Tehran

I am interested in current world affairs, travel, learning Spanish…and people!

I always thought of myself as a ‘pitcher’ as I seem to come up with ideas for a story, now I am having fun with writing these stories…

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey….I am here, write some info about yourself. It would be cool to know. 😉

  2. You drop some info…love it. 🙂

  3. Veronica – what kind of stuff do you get to study during your course? I did a Politics degree as a compromise many moons ago but really my dream was to do a creative degree : ) Btw *snap* on the blog design, it’s lovely isn’t it? x

    • Hello, On the Creative Writing side, we have a few options such as the following Composition, London: Writing The City, Poetry, Writing Oneself, Writing for Radio and Film/TV, Writing for Children. In these modules we look at an excerpt and discuss the voice, characters, theme, and setting. It is quite informative. I think you should follow your dream and just do it! Yep…our blog design is the -ish!x

      • Your course sounds interesting : ) I go to a writing class every Monday at the moment, but yeah, one day, it would be lovely to brandish a fancy bit of paper and say I did it properly ; ) For some reason, that’s never crossed my mind since then! I’ll add it to my long-term To Do list ; ) x

  4. New to your site through Rudyard’s Dog, I now know that I will forever be an amateur writer after reading your work here. Wonderful stuff Veronica, I look forward to regular visits to your site.

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