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This time last year I held a perception of New Year 2012 which is completely different to the one I now have of 2013. 

 I thought New Year, New Start and I hoped that I would stumble upon a small fortune and live happily ever after.

Instead, I had a challenge of a year, absolutely dynamic! I used every part of my being to stop myself giving up. I wrestled with decision after decision yet I held up physically, mentally and sought spiritual reassurance from many sources. I held no prejudice I just kept on looking for guidance and sure enough even though vague (at times) my inner voice spoke to me.

It was a tough year but I made it and most importantly my dreams are still intact. I feel more confident within myself and steady on my feet.

2012 I learnt a lot about myself, rather than fast money making skills. I learnt that I have many flaws which I have always amplified and defined myself by. Now I have embraced them and am learning to accept myself for who I wonderfully am.

Mostly, I have decided it is perfectly alright to dream, without it, I would not be on the stepping stones to accomplishing some of my goals.

I come from a family of strong independent women. My grandmother, mother, aunts, cousins and sister. Yet I always considered myself ‘The Weakest Link’ as I am highly sensitive. When the ‘going gets rough’ I usually ‘get going!’ Unlike my female family members who are able to ride adversity with ease.

For the coming year 2013 – I simply want to be a better person for the benefit of those around me.

What else could possibly be more important?


Image credit : http://fbca.org/seniors2013