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Barış Akarsu

I wanted to write a short blog post about a Turkish rock star who on July 4th 2007 died tragically.

His name is Barış Akarsu.

The same year he died had to be one of the most challenging times of my life. I had to deal with so much but its amazing where one can draw inspiration to enable them to keep pushing forward.

I had never heard of Barış Akarsu prior to his fatal accident. I had read online about a Turkish entertainer that was in a coma after a car accident. So I just followed the story to see whether he would pull through. Unfortunately Barış did not recover.

There was massive media coverage of the accident on DHA – A Turkish News Agency and all the news was in Turkish. I was determined to break down the language barrier to find out about Barış’ condition and how the accident had happened.

Interestingly I found out a little bit about the grammar of the language:

  • Vowel harmony present
  • No gender
  • Adjectives precede nouns
  • Verbs appear at the end of the sentence
  • Agglutination

The accident occurred when his car collided with a lorry at an intersection with no traffic lights. Since then authorities have installed traffic lights to make it safer.

I watched on YouTube the crowds of well wishes/fans who held candle-lit vigils outside the hospital and I was curious to know what it was about this man that had a whole country holding their breath for 5 long days.

Barış had reached national fame after winning the T.V series Akademi Turkiye [Turkish version of X-Factor/American Idol] in July 2007, and had sailed professionally in the Amasra Sailing Club. His musical influences were 80’s rock bands Dire Straits & Bon Jovi.

After winning Akademi Turkiye, he released two studio albums: Islak Islak & Düşmeden Bulutlara Koşmam Gerek.

He gave charity concerts for the benefit of children suffering from cancer at Bodrum Hospital.

In the week of his accident he was filming the last scenes of his popular T.V comedy series ‘Yalanci Yarim’ – Translated: “My Lying Lover

On his 27th birthday after performing a charity concert for children he was seriously injured in a car accident.

At the time of his death Baris Akarsu’s music video ‘Islak Islak’ was the fourth most viewed video across all of YouTube and has received over 232,936 comments.

 29 JUNE 1979 – 4 JULY 2007