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I am truly honoured to have been nominated the Beautiful Blogger Award by the lovely Jane Isaac. [Link to Jane’s book on left].

I smiled a lot and told everyone even random people about MY award. Some were not aware of what a blog actually was [Yes, there are people who still don’t know]. Anyhoo, I feel pleased as punch that I even got a look in. Really made my week! So once again thank you Jane!

I was not sure how to even start this post so for a bit of help I looked up the definition of BEAUTIFUL:

beau~t~ful | |ˈbyoōtəfəl|


pleasing the senses of the mind aesthetically

Wow!I am pleased the thoughts, images and experiences I share on this blog are to [some] readers liking. I am also hoping to purchase a super sexy camera in order to include more original pictures.

Anyway as per the rules I have to reveal 7 random thingy’s about myself :

1] Own 10 pairs of Converse All Stars

2] Intend to own a Children’s Bookshop

3] Learning Spanish

4] Love the smell of freshly cut grass

5] Watched episodes of Jersey Shore [ouch!]

6] Itching to do a post on Jon-Erik Hexum

7] Wished I was a Rock Chick

As per the rules I have to nominate 7 blogs for The Beautiful Blogger Award, they are  blogs that I truly enjoy returning to time and time again *Drum Roll*:

The Resurrected Writer – Jase Rosenberg

Cosy Travels of the Viking and his Kitten – The Viking & Sweet Kitten

Like A Bump On A Blog – Amber Meadows

Somebody Has To Say It – Ciara Ballintyne

Life As Amber Knows It – Amber Norgarrd

Eclipsing Winter – Beth Winter

RachelintheOC – Rachel Thompson

There are many other blogs which are beautiful too such as the classy Dionne Lister…I have to mention this talented and brilliant writer.

Special thanks to the following bloggers for their support and patience: Justin Bogdanovitch, Charity Parkerson, Marie Patchen, Diane Solberg, M.E Franco, Melissa Craig, Damien, Catharine Bramkampp, Toni Rakestraw

You would have thought I’d won an Oscar – Nah but it just feels great to be appreciated!