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Whilst travelling on London Underground commuters are inundated with posters advertising EVERYTHING!
Normally my subconscience kicks in with: Don’t need that! Can’t afford that! Don’t wanna watch that! At the latest gadget, concert or film.
Then one poster caught my eye : Singer/Songwriter – Emeli Sandé
The first thing that struck me was her hair – Blonde with the sides cropped.
I thought Wow! She looks BOLD and she STANDS OUT. Out of the blue, I wished my writing were the same. Dejected, I remembered I hardly EVER write.
Well, anyway I still want to write ‘BOLD and STAND OUT’. So one thought lead to another and then,[better late then never], it hit me:
Maybe if I actually did write then I can develop my own writing style.
Feeling animated, I downloaded her album ‘Our Version of Events’ and just as expected: Brilliant!
I just love the lyrics and I believe she wrote them too. So inspiring! Emeli’s voice holds so much feeling and I appreciated the sounds of instruments actually being played.
There is one track called My Kind Of Love : When I heard it I immediately dedicated it to my writing. Yes, I personified my writing, acknowledged my shortcomings and pledged a new beginning. Listening to that song was like a session of ‘marriage/writing’ counselling.
I will try the following:
1] Make the time to practice everyday for at least an hour
2] Try not to be a perfectionist
3] Blog more regularily
4] Develop a writing style where I do not ‘write as I speak’ – So irritating!
5] Complete JuNoWriMo – 50,000 Word in 30 days
Maybe the above will make me develop a healthier relationship with my writing, I can only hope.
Lastly I just want to thank everyone who takes their precious time to read my blog or at least click the link. Also, a thank you to Emeli Sandé for unwittingly being my writing muse.