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After my return from a nine day visit to Jamaica I feel rejuvenated and inspired. I had a   relaxing vacation where I managed to just stay in the ‘moment’. I took delight in the people [very laid back], food and music.

I spent the first three nights at the all inclusive resort – The Sunset Grande, which is located in Ocho Rios. It was a very nice experience. The staff are charismatic and professional. There is a variety of food catering for all – just in case you are not used to traditional Jamaican cuisine. As well as cool beverages served all day, YAY!

The resort holds activities all day run by lively entertainment staff.  At night there are local clubs and restaurants a few minutes away should you wish to venture out.

After being spoilt at the Sunset Grande I ventured out to Portmore, Kingston which was a more built up residential area. Whilst travelling to Kingston from Ocho Rios I was in awe of the alluring rich greenery against the back drop of a blue sky.

View from Harbour View Bridge, Kingston

Whilst en route I noticed many billboards encouraging safe driving. Even though vehicles would overtake up to four cars at a time. There are many health/social awareness billboards as well as Jamaica’s national treasure : Usain Bolt. His image is noticeably everywhere.

Towards the end of my trip I stayed in Yallahs, St Thomas and located East of Kingston. It is locally known for the roadside preparation of Jerk Chicken and Festival which are cooked in ‘Jerk Pans’.

I stayed at a friend of the family who had partially built his house. His house has a beautiful overview of Yallahs Bridge. Even though his house needed much work it felt like home. He has three dogs, a cat and a donkey named Strength who is smart yet unpredictable. He reminded me of the donkey on ‘Shrek’.

I throughly enjoyed my time in Jamaica. I have learnt and benefited from being immersed in a different environment. I observed the cultural differences with wonder and appreciate how people with a little less materially actually do have more. They always  express gratitude for what they ‘do’ have. Definitely a lesson I have learnt on this trip.

There is so much I wish I could share but maybe on my next trip.  For now I just wanted to share a few pictures of my trip with you!

Statue of woman in Ocho Rios