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This week I was involved in an ugly incident, with an individual who had an ugly attitude!

Whilst driving out of the petrol station I was behind a white transit van. Then without warning the driver reversed and parked into a bay near the exit which is used to put air in tyres etc.

I reacted quickly and reversed also to avoid a collision – I even blamed myself for probably driving too close to the van.

I gestured an apology. I heard him shout something. So forgetting that degenerates live in this society I called out, ‘Pardon?’

The driver shouted out for all and sundry to hear: ‘Fu*k You!’


 I looked around the forecourt and everyone’s eyes were on me. They were waiting for me to respond. I could feel blood rushing to and swelling in my face, I think it’s called SHAME.

Even my two impressionable young sons in the back seat were like,’ So?’

Then a voice from the backseat suggested, ‘You should say YOU WISH YOU COULD!’ I was shocked! Between the van driver’s profanity and my son understanding the profanity I could not take much more!

I cleared my throat, put the car into 1st gear and drove out.

Yes…I said and did nothing! All those days of hollering/arguing in public were behind me. I am now dignified. That’s what I kept telling myself.

My baffled boys asked,’ Why hadn’t you given him what for?’

I replied,’ I JUST ROSE ABOVE IT!’

I smiled and through gritted teeth began to sing Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror. All the while trying to convince my damn self that I wasn’t bothered in the slightest.

I would never tell my sons but it ate me up that I had just let that little coward [sh*t] get away with that remark. He showed ignorance and lack of respect especially for himself. That’s what I kept telling myself.

What I wouldn’t give to relive that moment so I can punch that idiot square in the face. I ain’t that dignified. [South London accent]

I know I should let it go but it really pissed me off…

Yes I Know…

Just Let It Go…