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Over the last few months, maybe even longer, I have convinced myself that I have issues with writing. The reason being I have been wrangling with the following question: Why Am I Not Writing Consistently?

I have been creating many issues about writing, which are simply excuses to not sit down and just write. My main scapegoat is PROCRASTINATION.

So in classic ‘Veronica Style’ I would read every and any blog that mentioned this ‘troublesome’ word.

I even heartily reveled in my ‘apparent’ procrastination, after all this is what I do. Then after reading loads of blogs, I mean lots! I learnt that I am not treating my work with any form of respect and wasting time. For example, when I mention my blog to anyone I add,’ It’s not that good!’ So if it was not that good why would anyone waste his or her precious time to even look at it!

I had to get hard on myself and ask ‘Is this what you really want to do?’ ANSWER: ‘Yes!’ Especially as I am easily motivated and almost everything inspires me.

There is no doubt in my mind that I love to be creative with words, yet there was still this problem of not writing. Everything else came first.

When I have an idea that I should be developing and jotting down, all of a sudden my ironing is priority, my grandmother gets several visits from me in a week and I am more obsessive about my Spanish listening exercises.

I decided to look within and weed out my incompatibility with writing, as something was amiss. Here are my findings of why I was not applying the basic ‘gutso’ skills required to take my own writing seriously.

1] Fear – Fear of not producing good quality writing

2] Believe – My limited self-belief interferes with the completion of any work

3] Patience – Lack patience therefore rushing through editing/proof-reading

4] Discipline – Not setting myself a set routine to write/blog

5] ‘Show/Tell’- Still working on this concept

In my 1st year at University, I began learning writing techniques and this really stifled my writing voice. I felt bogged down by all the technical stuff I had to consider whilst writing. However now when I do actually write I take pleasure in doing long exhaustive writing. My writing voice may not be exceptional to some but it has to be right for me.

In conclusion, when I get over my FEAR and start to BELIEVE in my work I will not feel as anxious as I do to publish posts. With PATIENCE I can take the valuable time needed to edit/redraft where appropriate, lastly I need to DISCIPLINE myself by committing to a regular writing routine.

Unlike the rest on my Incompatibility List, which are ‘easy-peasy’, with ‘SHOW & TELL’ I face a challenge but who said writing was a stroll in the park?