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So here I go! This week I purchased a copy of Russell Brand’s latest book called Booky Wooky 2. (Made an exception regarding the book title!)

I have recently come to find that Brand is a sound writer after reading two articles: Tribute to Amy Winehouse. And a piece on the London Riots. 


Russell Brand is a surprising pensman, then I got to thinking: HE WEARS EYE-LINER!

It seems I notice, for lack of a better word, an effeminate man. Or am I being presumptuous by stating a man who wears eye-liner is effeminate? Whatever! A lick of eyeliner, so what? I would take a second glance.

My ‘Man Wearing Eye Liner’ list:

It started when I was younger with Adam Ant… Back then that Prince Charming cover was a work of art for me:

Little bursts of craziness over the pop singer named Marilyn:

I followed the media frenzy surrounding Michael Jackson:

I mourned with Turkey for Baris Akarsu [Probably my fave]:

Rocking secretly to Jared Leto from 30 Seconds To Mars:
So I have added Russell Brand to my ‘Man Eyeliner’ list. Mainly because of his writing, so maybe its not just about the eye liner. These men must have had another attribute that I was/am charmed to.
Disclaimer: This eye liner thing ain’t me – It was the 80s!!!
My main squeeze is Wentworth Miller and I have yet to see him take out his Maybelline…