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Whilst reviewing my notebook, I had made a note of More details; referring to trees. Huh? How ambitious! I had hoped to add more characteristics to the tree in which my main character was hiding in.

One of my main challenges in writing [amongst others] is describing the surroundings of my characters or setting the scene: The house, the street, the school corridor, virtually anywhere my characters located. So I took it upon myself to give an account of the tree in which my character climbed. What a task! As much as I enjoy landscapes and green scenery I just cannot illustrate the image in words!

I googled the ‘anatomy’ or the parts of a tree as I could not conjure up any tree-related terms beyond branches and trunk. I found out so much about trees and finally making use of my MACMILLIAN VISUAL DICTIONARY, I am now able to name the different parts of this ‘woody plant’.

Almost obsessed I began to take a greater interest in some of the ‘climb-able’ trees in my area.

I even started to take pictures to give myself a sense of feeling that I am actually working on my novel. ‘Research’ is what I was calling it.

Anyway here are a few pictures of trees which I deemed ‘climb-able’ and tried to describe in words. Goodness, who said writing was easy? Nobody I guess!

In conclusion I resolved that less is probably more especially in this case and just settled with: ‘She climbed the tree and sat with her back against the trunk, looking down at her two former friends.’

Plain and simple, with no extras!

Which poses a question: Was I really researching or was this procrastination at its finest???

Either way, trees are pretty interesting!

BTW: I did proof read this post…lol!