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As a Londoner I feel it necessary to congratulate the unsung heroes. These heroes were the ‘majority’ of young people that made the decision of not getting involved in the week-long disruptive events.

They like, as per the ‘rioters’ claim, also feel discouraged, angry and hold little faith in their futures.

Also I send my condolences to you as in the space of a week  the people who decided to burnt down legitimate businesses and make people homeless, have managed to lump all young people into the same ‘thuggery’ category.



I happened to be watching a report by Sky News on why the looters in the London Riots took the actions they did.

When asked to how they felt about local business owners who had their shops damaged. This was one reply, ‘‘That’s their business. I never told them to own shops!’

Really? Did he really say that? I could not believe this remark. Stupid and irrelevant. Yes, he made a stupid remark rendering him irrelevant in a society of honest and hardworking people.

There are lots of theories and factors being thrown around as to why it all took place but I only want to highlight a small yet important aspect that seems to have been overlooked. What about choices? Choices. Yes, everyone has free will and some made the wrong choice. From whatever perspective you may hold: Damaging, setting fire to property and stealing is criminal.

There is no excuse for it and any justification of it is totally without merit.

I know plenty of jobless, frustrated ‘youths’ who made the conscience decision not get involved in any of the events that occurred in that week.

The crowds that were running around causing havoc claim the government and police have taken away their rights and any hope of a better future. Out of all their misery they could have salvaged one thing and that was self-respect because now they have lost that too.

I understand that very same feeling of hopelessness but lashing out  and hurting others is pointless. Unfortunately the London riots was just an ideal opening to steal and cause utter mayhem under the cover of the unfortunate death of the young man shot by police in Tottenham.

The majority of youth that elected to stay away should take heart in knowing that it was in their best interest. They rubbished ‘street’ peer pressure and demonstrated individualism. At least they will not have a criminal record. I hope they will continue to make the right choices in order to place them in a better position when an opportunity arises.