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I am a dreamer and I am saying it LOUD!

I know I am not alone and and am so glad dreams are not restricted to children only.

My dreams have accompanied me and encouraged me through the many different phases of my life.

I have dreamt of travels to various exotic countries, and great cities. I have sailed all the great continents and have dated the most handsome men the world has to offer.

I have shared cooking tips with the women who live in the Amazon, Cuba and Italy. I learnt how to make handmade rugs in Ethopia and braid hair in Ghana.

As well as run my fingers along the Great Wall of China I have dived into the great Niagara Falls, resurfacing minus my bikini top to numerous tourist camera flashes…C’mon, most women must have wondered about  ‘accidently’ flashing their girls at some point!

I enjoyed swimming with the dolphins and whilst deep sea diving, surviving an embrace from a friendly octopus.

Nothing was more romantic than being serenaded by Sam Cooke in a smokey club and being introduced to Jackie Wilson backstage.

Best of all I was escorted on the Red Carpet by Wentworth Miller. I was dazzling in a black fitted taffeta frock which gave the illusion of a ‘Coca-Cola’ bottled shaped chica. My hair combed tightly in a bun as though I were a flamenco dancer.

That same evening I was presented with the Oscar for Best Screenplay by Halle Berry…who complimented my shoes.

I skip the after parties to dance to Reggaeton artist Don Omar who insists I join him on stage to ‘DANZA KUDURO’….My bliss – Wentworth Miller/Don Omar…Mwaaah!

I have travelled to Latin America and taught English to children who gave me some exotic fruit…Whilst on a whirlwind stop to Havana I brushed shoulders with Che Guevara who seemed in a hurry.

Most excitingly I took beauty tips from Nfertiti whilst dangling my pedicured feet in the Red Sea and drinking from a solid gold goblet.

I have almost done it all but most importantly in my dreams I have always remained me… I have never dreamt to be anyone else.

This shows that there is no one in the world who can make my dreams come true but me…I’m the only one who sees and feels them. OK some are far-fetched but for the ones which aren ‘t …I still dare to dream as they are not unacquirable-(awful word-I know!).

Dreams rejuvenates your mind and reminds you of your hearts’ passions whilst allowing you a healthy place for escapism.

My dreams connect me with the world at large and allows me to have an intimate conversation with ‘what could be’!

So follow my lead and dream on…