Never Say Never…

I remember the exact moment, time and day that I declared the following: ‘I will never work in a crappy office again!’ Yet, everyday I am dressed in Hawes & Curtis shirts with tailored trousers rushing over Westminster Bridge; at full speed trying to get to my work station/desk . I guess that’s why they say ‘Never Say Never!’

So I completed my first week at my new job. Using the memory remnants of my past jobs, I had conjured up an agonising 8 hour day ahead and created a vividly horrific experience. From the tea-making to the defunct printer/scanner/photocopier machine which could whip up a cup of instant coffee, I had made up my mind that it was going to be rough going. Lest, unless back in the day I only attracted the most rubbish admin roles this three month contract is actually not as painful as I had expected.

The people are really nice. I am serious, they are really nice and I have an intuition for back stabbery and viciousness in the workplace. Here, there is no trace. I assume they are contented in their roles or just not dragging the BS from their personal lives to the office. Sticking to office tradition, there is one thing that remains the same.

Everyone proclaimed ‘diet’ status whilst birthday cakes were put on display. Everyone. I was in solitude whilst considering my third piece of chocolate cake. The lady opposite me who ‘pretended’ that she felt guilty for indulging, kept banging on about being too fat already(when she wasn’t) whilst accounting for every crumb that fell from the side of her mouth. Anyway, keeping things positive I am feeling the professional, friendly and non toxic vibe.

Whilst walking along the river bank, I felt so inspired by the boats, Big Ben and The London Eye. Passing tourists and noting the tourists photographing our great city which I have taken for granted. Anyway, I start thinking about my next blog and some of the errors I would like to avoid. Then it occurred to me that I should just keep on writing as I do, regardless. I am only human I have flaws. So the errors have to remain. Even though I will try to stay in the same tense. I wonder if I speak in the same manner as I write. Such as over use of adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions. Ah, well whoever I speak to are either too dumb or polite to mention it. So again, I shall not worry.

Now back to to business: I have reinstated my 500 a day word quota. I have decided that the word count will include writing notes in my notebook, gratitude journal or my laptop ‘Thoughts of The Day’ document. As long as I write something, anything, anywhere…It’s cool!!! MY WRITING PROJECT : I have added this new element to my story which is original. In doing so the narrative voice will tell the story from a certain perspective, even though this may affect the readers judgement of the central characters but I guess this is part of the reader’s freedom. I am struggling a bit, as I now have to change parts of the story in order to accommodate for this new element so I am having to re-draft quite a bit. Also, as I have gotten to know my characters they feel a little more distant.

Well…Have to revise for my Spanish exam! ¡HASTA LUEGO!