Live each with the intention of moving towards achieving your goal/dream… 

With the above in mind I must say the beginning of this week I felt suckered. I imagined myself being sucked into a realm of absolute nothingless. It’s not a very accommodating place to be. I tried my best to have positive thoughts and came up with ‘nada’. Positive/negative notions just battling for my deliberations can be exhausting. I dwelled, mused and slouched around as though I had no purpose.

I just did not know what to do with myself so I tried meditating. Even this supposedly soothing and enlightening experience had me fidgeting whilst visualizing: A meadow. Walking through it. A waterfall. I could only focus on my cough from ‘I do not know where’ and my sudden itchy nose. I managed this fidget, cough and itchy routine for twenty minutes until I decided to give meditation another try at another time.

Later whilst in the newsagent I noticed the women magazines. They were calling to me. ‘Hey you…feeling down? Buy me?’ ‘Having a rough time of it? I can help!’ When you are at a low ebb they are so appealing. Headlines such like ‘Do you want to lose weight? Find that ideal job/man? How to look good this summer? I reached out to a mesmerizing cover with a really pretty, attractive and sensual looking female who was not me and was nearly lured into their trap. Escapism was nigh!

I had to remain strong as on previous occasions I had purchased them and they did not live up to my expectations as they advised me of nothing I didn’t already know. The covers are carefully constructed to offer a formula for happiness but really these overpriced mags just want your hard earned/gained cash.

With your biscuits and tea in hand they offer a whole world of advertisements, reminding you of the watches, perfumes and make up you probably cannot afford. How does that make you feel any better? Then when you get to your article which you believe will solve your problems it’s just this itsy bitsy thing stating the obvious.

After walking out of the shop – cigarette less, I am pleased to say – I decided to ask the higher being for a sign. Anything. I apologized for not attending church and explained that the parking bays outside the church were way too expensive per hour. I let him know that I found the man who shouts anti-God tirades at the leaving congregation very intimidating. For good measure, I threw in the fact that I do not own suitable church attire!

Then I get a call – A job interview. Attended. Was 16 minutes late. Yep, I got the job. Start on Monday! ¡Bueno Suerte!

So recieved my sign  I will be working through the summer until Uni starts again…This is a great opportunity for observation on the train and the creating of new characters so I guess after all that hoo hah…I have progressed one step closer to my goal/dream…