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I looked back at my first post and I cringed. It was not the type of blog that I wanted to be doing. I want to write about things that happen to me which are real, ordinary yet interesting. Definitely not gimmicky! Tacori: Was definitely gimmicky! Most gimmicks unless they are totally original and relevant usually have an expiration date. I also do not want to keep on writing about what I would like to be writing about…if you get what I mean!

My life can be quite amusing with the people I meet etc so I am just going to start with that. No pressure, this is only a blog!

So like stepping stones, maybe with each blog, they may get improve. I have read other blogs about cooking, travel and families and they are brilliant. They are good reads because they feel authentic and are not forced.

So I have decided to just write about me: An ordinary person pursuing her dream.

I have already established the fact that I am a writer because I do write.

It is said that in order achieve your dreams everyday you must take a step towards your dream…